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Bienvenidos 2019

Before we jump into the new year we want to give a quick update on how we finished 2018. In October we had a great time with our Basketball camp team. They came and served so well. During the sports camp we had 6 professions of salvation. One of those professions of faith was a young mom who invited us back to her home where she lives with her husband, parents, and siblings with their families. We were able to share and meet with her entire family. We look forward to what God is going to do in the heart of this young believer as we help her grow in Christ and share the gospel with her family. Her name is Stephanie*. Please pray that as we meet with her and her family to share stories they will join the Kingdom of God.

We also finished the year with a camping trip sharing the gospel in remote villages only accessible by boat. There we met with a church that we would like to maybe disciple and encourage to share the gospel with the people in the surrounding islands. Pray as we continue to develop our relationship with that church. One particular person that joined us on the trip from the church was Joel, he seems to have a heart for evangelism.

Please pray for the Domingo family. Domingo one of the men of the family is very ill with cancer. Pray that he will be open to hearing the gospel, and that we will be diligent and clear in sharing with him. Pray for him and his family, sickness this big are financially difficult on families in small villages.

We look forward to what God is going to do among the Chinanteco people group this year. We have a couple of big events planned to share the gospel widely among the people. We will be doing haircuts with story sharing, backyard bible club, and hopefully a sports camp. But our main focus this year will be building on the relationships we have started with Stephanie’s family and the Domingo family.

If you would like to be involved in our ministry we would love to have you join us here in Mexico. Contact us if you have questions, we would be happy to answer them. You can also now give through our website and sign up for our email prayer requests.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing among his people here in Southern Mexico.

*Name has been changed

We had a great visit with our families in the states for the last several weeks of 2018.

Sports Camp Team

Stephanie and her family

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