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The Knights of Mexico

Let’s Blog About It…

So most of you know what is going on because you are on our prayer email but here goes…

We moved… and we are moving. I know we are crazy. We moved out of our apartment at the end of January into a house where we have our own space… although we knew the move would be temporary I couldn’t stay in the apartment a second more. Through many BIG GOD things we have decided to buy a house. This house will have enough space for teams to stay “with us” but still have their own space. So pray for paperwork and construction. There is a team from Shindler and a team from Wallace coming in May and in June to help. (The house is basically and empty shell… which is fine by me because I get to make it how I want it (by I mean we... ;) )

We had a very successful research/planning/prayer team from Shindler Drive Baptist Church. They prayed through villages, talked with doctors and community leaders, and help think through logistically how to do a medical clinic. The clinic would not have gone the way it did without them… we are so grateful!

Bible Storying. A few days before the clinic Mrs. Charlotte Davis, the expert bible story teacher, came and taught us the invaluable technique of bible storying. Taking scripture and turning them into stories. To help oral learners grasp the gospel. This skill takes a long time to master, but we feel more confident having sat under the teaching of Charlotte for a few days. We are so grateful for her.

Medical Clinic. We had 2 doctors, a dentist, and 3 nurses from Wallace come down to host a medical clinic in 4 different villages. They were able to see about 75 give or take patients (all together) every day. Each day the gospel was clearly presented, and as the doctors visited the patients they would share the gospel again and pray with the people. It was amazing. Pray as we follow up with some people in these 4 villages. God’s word went out, and we know it never goes out in vain.

Teachers Conference. We have a group of teachers from Wallace coming down to do a teachers conference. They will see about 50 different teachers everyday. Pray that they are not only able to impart their knowledge, but also to point to the One who knows everything.

Update our home church Shindler has found a new pastor and we couldn’t be more excited. To be honest when John and Katherine left I was sad, mad, and confused. But Katherine told me (even though I didn’t believe her then) that she felt confident that God had a great man for Shindler, because she knew that they were supposed to be at Wallace. She was so right. We are so excited to be under the leadership of Jonathan Reavis.

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