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News from the Knights

It has been awhile since I have updated everyone, and I apologize. We had a great December vacation with our family in the states. It is always refreshing to be at our home church worshiping with our friends and family. While we were home in December we were also able to meet some sweet folks from Wallace Memorial Baptist Church to bring them on board to partner with our home church in our work here in Ojitlan. Thank you to everyone who supported our mission work through encouragement, prayers, and financially while we were home, We love yall!!

This year we have dove head first into life here in Tuxtepec. Since we have been home we have added to our family… by getting a dog. We have hosted a vision trip for Wallace Memorial to give them a better idea how they can help here in Ojitlan, and we have found a home to move into.

We have also started our every other weekend meetings with the Domingo family. We are continuing to do storying with them. Please pray for them that they are encouraged and challenged in their new growing faith through our visits and the stories they are learning. We have also challenged them to learn a bible verse once a month.

Pray for our weekly presents in Ojitlan. This year we are going to try to do more prayer walking in villages along with playing basketball or soccer with men from the village. We really want a family to invite us into their home so we can build a deep relationship with people from Ojitlan.

Our partnership with the President and his wife is going well. They are encouraged by partnering with us to help the people of Ojitlan. Things politically are going well for them, and things are calm right now. But I know they will always covet our prayers as they do their best to serve the people of Ojitlan with strength and wisdom from Christ.

This year we hope to see our calendar fill with partners from Shindler and Wallace coming down to help serve and share the gospel with the people we love and who need Jesus. So we hope you consider joining us this year. Different ideas we have for trips our prayer walking, playing in the villages with children (this is a great trip for families), teachers conference, construction, sports clinics, etc. If any of these sound interesting or you have an ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you guys.

Thank you for praying for us!

Aguayo our new dog

We will miss our neighboors, but are looking forward to saying goodbye to apartment living.

Wallace Memorial Vision Team

our new home we move into this week.

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