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Summer Summary

School is starting back up which means summer is coming to an end, and so has our summer mission work.

This summer has flown by. As many of you know I (Brittany) lost my grandmother very suddenly a week before our biggest event of the summer. As surprised as we all were, God, however was not surprised. I was able to go home to be with family, and lay my grandmother to rest because I had already gotten everything on my end of VBS planning done.

VBS went great in Ojitlan we averaged about 60 kids or so every day for 4 days. The gospel was clearly presented to men, women, and children several times. We did not have anyone respond, but we feel confident that God will use our obedience for His glory. The last day of VBS the women of our home church, Peniel, brought clothes to share with the moms, and shared the gospel with them. We had at least 20 people from Peniel come with us to help with VBS everyday along with our Shindler team. Our shindler team did great. They molded right into whatever we needed them to do, built relationships with people in Ojitlan and Peniel, and were great encouragement to us.

Sonrise Baptist Church, a church from Newnan Georgia that has adopted a people group with the IMB just like Shindler Drive Baptist Church did, works in a village about 40 minutes from the city. They had a great summer in their village. They had teams present in their village for the entire month of July. They did backyard bible club, discipleship trainings, and movie nights. They had one man come to know Christ during this time. Garrett and I helped a little with logistics, and enjoyed spending a little time with them in their village. Its encouraging to see how God is working in their village.

The Domingo family is receiving persecution from their family. They have considered moving because the family has become hostile to them at times. Mariana’s dad at one point even told her that she could not gather wood from the land, which she uses to cook. This puts a big strain on their financial situation which is already strapped. As of this week things have gotten a little better with the family so they are not going to move, but please pray for them that God would show favor to them and that they would be a light to their family.

Friday nights in Ojitlan are still going well spending time with people from the community. There has been political conflict in Ojitlan with some people rioting against the President. (Quick reminder the President is a christian, and has been open to us sharing the Gospel in Ojitlan.) Please pray that the President would not step down, and that they would get things straighten out with the rioters. Also pray for the safety of the President and his family.

Also in July Garrett’s parents came to visit for 2 weeks. It is always tons of fun to have grands in town. While they were here Garrett and I snuck away for a few days to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

We had a very full summer, that God has used to grow us. Thank you guys for your prayers and support.

Gideon and Blakely

Gideon and Blakely from Birttany's visit back home.

Gigi and Gideon

Gigi and Gideon from Brittany's visit back home.

Kenny visiting with the Domingos

Kenny visiting the Domingo family.

David and Jordan visiting with the Domingos

David and Jordan at the Domingos

Samantha telling the story of Jesus's death

Samantha telling the story of Jesus' death at VBS in Ojitlan.

VBS in Ojitlan

VBS in Ojitlan

David playing with a kid from Ojitlan

David playing

Papa and Mimi visiting

Mim and Papa came to visit!

Hope jumping on her and Gideon's early birthday present from mimi and papa

Hope enjoying her and Gideon's early birthday present from mimi and papa.

Hope and Martha in Pueblo Viejo where Sonrise Baptist Church works.

Hope and Martha playing in Pueblo Viejo where Sonrise Baptist Church works.

Katalaya's First Birthday

Katalaya's first birthday!

Alison asleep at her sister's first birthday party.

Alison asleep at her sister's first birthday.

Brittany and Hiedi

Brittany and Hiedi Domingo

VBS Peniel Hope with 2 of her favorite friends

VBS Peniel, Hope with 2 of her best friends.

Gideon spent his time at VBS running up and down this ramp.

Gideon spent his time at VBS running up and down the ramp.

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