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Hola Mexico

The Knights are finally here! Garrett has been here for 2 weeks, and Brittany and Hope have been here for almost a week. When Garrett, his dad, and a very gracious friend Jose walked into our apartment 2 weeks ago there was nothing in the apartment except for what we brought which was not much in the way of furniture.

The guys worked tirelessly to get a stove, refrigerator, and kitchen light bought and installed. A washer and dryer that weren’t quite hooked up yet. A futon and a work chair and desk for Garrett. Brittany got here and was able to fill the apartment with a lot more! Everyday it looks and feels more like a home.

Jose has been a blessing to our family. He has translated for us everywhere we go, gone to the store and listened to Garrett and Brittany “discuss” price vs. necessity (he may never get married), he has helped in the search for an OB doctor for Brittany, and even does the dishes sometimes. We know that eventually we will have to say goodbye to Jose and really jump into language learning, but we are thankful for him and his service to the Lord while we jump head first into this endeavor!

Brittany’s mom has also been such a blessing. Brittany’s pregnant body gets very tired and very swollen very fast! Nancy has watched Hope so Garrett, Brittany, and Jose can trek through the city finding furniture, supplies, baby doctors, and more! We wouldn’t have made the progress we did without her here. She has done countless loads of laundry, made dinner, and cleaned and organized a ton!

It looks like we found a doctor and a clinic to have the baby. Thank you for your prayers during the search. The cesarean section rate here in Mexico is 85%, so please pray that there are no complications, and we can communicate clearly that Brittany does not want a c-section unless it is absolutely necessary! We did get to have a free ultrasound of the baby while we were looking for doctors, which was an unexpected bonus.

Hope is adjusting well, but has spent a lot of time in the house. She has been invited to her first Mexican birthday party! The little boy lives in our apartment complex and is turning 3. Pray that she can make friends and that she will continue to adjust to life in Mexico. We did find some time for some R&R at a nearby swimming hole!

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