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Our Time at FPO


So we are on week 4 here at our Feild Personel Orientation. It has been a whirlwind of training, trying to stay healthy, and meeting lots of new people.

Some of the training we have sat under has been amazing. We got to sit under the teaching of David Platt, Dr. Chuck Lawless, and in a few weeks we get to hear from Nik Ripken, the writer of The Insanity of God. We have learned a lot of invaluable tools to be successful not only personally, but in reaching unreached peoples on the field. We are thankful to our church, Shindler Drive Baptist Church, for the opportunity to be here for this training. We are so thankful for the leadership of our church, a lot of this training and the mentality that the staff here at FPO are trying to get us to move to is nothing new to us. We know that is strictly due to the leadership of SDBC being senstive to the Holy Spirit, and being Kingdom minded. Under the guidance of our church we our doing something that no one in the IMB world has ever done... we are the future of the IMB and we are humble to fill the role.

These four weeks so far have been unique. The norovirus has been spreading rapidly around campus, Brittany and Hope have gotten it once, and Garrett has managed to not get sick (he's convinced it's because we was raised on well water), but it seems to be making another round through the campus. They had to shut down alot of the buildings including Hope's school for 10 days, please pray that they do not have to shut down Hope's school again. That was the longest 10 days for Brittany and Hope yet!

Hope is doing great! She loves school and has transitioned seemlessly. We are so blessed, she is litierally the best toddler ever. By the second week she was telling us where the cafeteria was, her school, and where we lived... which is pretty impressive because all the buildings look the same. She has more friends than we do, and everyone loves her... :) She is going to do amazing in Mexico. Gideon is doing great as well, getting big which is a good thing... I guess.

I few prayer request we would ask for:

We would stay healthy.

Garrett would conitnue to balance work and session, which so far has worked out very well. (We are so thankful for Communication's Solutions)

Our upcoming trip to New York, we will be there Sept. 8-12 sharing the gospel. As perfect as Hope is she hates being in the car, and we have an 8 hour bus trip ahead of us.

Visa proccess. We have a short window to get the visas so that we can leave before Brittany can no longer fly.

Thank you for praying for us,

The Knights of Mexico

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