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Update! Update!

I have been struggling to find a good place to start with this blog (which is partly why it’s been so long since you’ve heard from us) so I guess I will just start with prayer requests.

Please pray for our language learning. We are in search of a new teacher. I know that this is a repetitive request but it is so very vital to our ministry and our success here in Mexico.

Pray for the Domingo family (the ladies by the river). We have continued going every other weekend to do Bible Study with them, but it seems they have not been home for different reasons. They have been struggling with money since the breadwinner of the family got laid off of his most recent job. Pray that they would turn to Christ and not away from Christ during their struggle, and pray that we would show them love in Christ and show them what it means to lean on Christ.

Wednesday nights in Ojitlan is going well. We have been going every Wednesday night to the sports complex to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other games with the people in the city. We have at least 2 youth from Peniel Baptist Church go with us. This is a true encouragement to have a partnership with them. You can pray that more people come to play with us, and that we continue to build relationships with people in the city.

Garrett, Buddy, and Jose were able to use Ernesto (lake boat driver who is a Christian) to visit two villages. One village they sat and talked with a store owner about the village, schools, and churches. The second village, they sat and spoke with two ladies. The conversation quickly turned to religion, and then turned into who Jesus is. Jose was able to share a story of the creation. We left on good terms and mentioned we would be back to share more. Pray that they will continue to be open and pray that next time, Brittany and Hope can come with us to help bring their guard down. Ernesto is attending a church service held at the banks of the lake which started about 3 months ago. There were about 10 at the church service. Pray for the relationship with Ernesto to grow and the possibility of a relationship with this church to start.

As far as the Knights go we are doing well. Most of you may have seen I fractured my ankle last Wednesday night in Ojitlan. I will be in a boot for 4 weeks, but I can walk and I don’t really have too much pain. Pray for quick healing! We have had 2 encouraging visits from both sets of parents. My parents visited in April and Garrett’s in May. Garrett has joined the band at Peniel Baptist Church playing the bass. This is good practice for his Spanish, and to continue to build our relationship with our church here in Tuxtepec. Hope has been playing with 2 sisters that live in our apartment complex, it does this mama's heart good to see her making friends. We will be looking into preschools soon (she can start when she turns 3). Please pray that we find the school that’s right for her. Gideon is growing up so quickly. He recently had a check up weighing in at 18 lbs and 28 inches long. He loves scooting around in his walker, but still hates tummy time. He is finally sleeping through the night!!!! You can pray for him to start liking solid food, I believe he has issues with textures.

We should be getting our passports in the mail any day now. We had a successful trip to Oaxaca (besides getting the stomach bug when we got home) at the beginning of May. It is always good to see the team in Oaxaca City. We will be returning back to Oaxaca to finally finish up recovering all of our papers we lost in the “Theft of March 2016”. Pray for safe travels and success getting everything for Hope’s permanent residency. Once we get all of our papers recovered Garrett will be starting the process of looking for a new truck, and returning “The White Knight” to the states to be sold. Please continue to pray for wisdom and direction concerning this purchase and sale.

We are so thankful for your continued support! We are blown away by God’s grace in mercy shown through everyone’s love and support. We feel your prayers everyday, we our so very encouraged to the ones who reach out to check in, and absolutely blown away by the monetary support we continue to receive. God shows us everyday that we are exactly where he wants us to be, and no matter the trials that come our way we know that obedience is the only answer we have to our salvation in Christ Jesus.

Last but certainly not least we are coming HOME at the end of the year for a visit. Be looking on facebook and for a table at Shindler to sign up to come to “A Night with The Knights of Mexico” sometime at the beginning of December. We can’t wait to see everyone and hug a bunch of necks!

The view from the river at The Domingo's

The view from the river at The Domingo's

Hope playing in the river at the Domingo's

Gigi and Gpaw at the aquarium in Veracruz.

Mimi and papa visiting


Garrett resting from basketball and learning Chinanteco from the kids.

Hope's is getting really good at making banana bread

Hope licking the spatula used to make banana bread.

Gideon will literally spend hours walking in this every day.

Hope working out with our friend Gaby.

Gideon's other favorite thing... his feet.

Hope and Brittany in Oaxaca while getting our replacement passports.

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